Our Services Safety

Whether working in the office or from a project site, safety is fundamental to our everyday culture and we are dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner. Our commitments are outlined in our "Safety for Life" Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) Policy Statement, which establishes and maintains a framework for our overall “Safety for Life” SH&E program. This drives us to proactively incorporate these “life-preserving” safety standards into everything we do. We have a strong safety focus, proactively managing the risks associated with our work and striving for continuous improvements to our safety performance. By applying lessons from teams across STH’s network, we ensure that we stay at the forefront of the latest tools, technologies and management systems. Through dynamic safety risk management, supported by a strong safety culture across our worldwide operations, we maintain our reputation as innovators, educators and leaders in safety. 

We follow five core safety strategies: 

  • Active safety leadership that educates, motivates and recognizes safety as a core value
  • Competency of our people to identify, understand and manage risk
  • Emphasis on balance that requires the integration of safety across all core business activities 
  • Management of risks by adopting a dynamic and systematic, risk-based approach
  • Organizational culture where safety is a seamless part of everything we do.

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